Counseling: Peace At The End Of Life

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MackeyHealth offers expertise, compassion, counseling and advanced planning directives for individuals, families and groups regarding end-of-life concerns.

Informative seminars on Peace at the End-of-Life are offered to groups, organizations and health professionals.

Organizations have been established in various states throughout the U.S. for the purpose of supporting the right to choose end-of-life directives.  For more information visit:

Thanatology, or the study of the process of dying and death, has evolved from transformation in attitude toward, and advocacy for, end-of-life issues that reflect the values and wishes of the dying person.

We now talk more openly about dying and death since we embrace the reality that death is inevitable, a fact of nature, whose timing is unknown.  We prepare for death as we prepare for birth.  It is a process of preparation for a peaceful transition in which the individual becomes more comfortable with the concepts, meaning and process of dying and death, identifies and outlines specific wishes to be incorporated into that process (advanced directives), and gathers together a support team to ensure that those wishes are carried out.

At the present time, various organizations such as university fraternities/sororities, religious affiliations, professional organizations and others, are supporting the initiatives to promote advanced planning, done sooner than later, for peace at the end of life.  The laws governing end-of-life choices vary from state to state. Compassion& advocates by state, for peace at the end-of-life initiatives.

In addition to counseling, individuals and families may choose to be guided through steps involved with advanced planning initiatives.  MackeyHealth also offers several informative seminars on Peace at the End-of-Life, for groups, organizations and health professionals.