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Toxins Human beings are exposed to an ever increasing number of toxins. Toxins are: found in the air, water, food and anywhere in the environment chemical molecules that have an effect on every cell, tissue, gland and organ in the body-mind processed through the body and mind which work to break down molecules into byproducts […]

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  • Treating fibromyalgia can be like peeling an onion November 16, 2019
    Or 2 or 3:1, as many functional medicine practitioners hire nutrition coaches and nurse practitioners, each to handle different pieces of your case ...
  • Get Moving November 16, 2019
    Functional Alternative — its name reflects the studio's mix of functional and alternative medicine — also offers Tai Chi, fencing and martial cardio.
  • A new approach to chronic disease management | Guest column November 16, 2019
    Modern medicine has equipped us with being able to transplant organs, create ... Functional medicine aims to look at the root cause and pathology of ...