Transform your life

What happens when you find someone who can find solutions to a problem that no one else has been able to? Or when you find someone who has the wisdom and intuitive insight to guide you through a long or short term issue? What happens when you find someone who touches you deeply, your body, mind and spirit, and changes your life forever? Let me introduce Dr. Bonnie Mackey to you.

As Public Speaker/Educator…

Dr. Mackey is a gifted and dynamic public speaker/educator. Her words are transformative and her work, uniquely introspective.  With over 1800 hours of public speaking, Dr. Mackey provides a synthesis of fact and insight on health and life issues that is simple, useful and not readily available from other sources. When she is on stage, Dr. Mackey engages the audience wholeheartedly by creating  an insatiable interest in the subject matter while inspiring individuals to take action towards reaching their health and life goals. She delivers vital information with a lively dose of humor and an uplifting message of hope. Given her highly diversified, extensive background and experience, she successfully motivates and energizes individuals by providing newfound knowledge and techniques to transform personal challenges into opportunities. Dr. Mackey is informative, brilliant and enlightening while she encourages and provides various tools for each individual to be active and conscious partners in their own dynamic healthcare. 

As Clinician and Advocate…

Dr. Mackey has been described as being “the physician of the future.” She is an experience worth knowing.  As a scientist, intuitive, researcher and adventurer, she is known for being an exceptional clinician with broad talent and experience as she excels in finding the root cause of problems and transmitting that knowledge to others. She possesses an intelligently instinctual awareness of how to manage unusual problems. Dr. Mackey’s diagnostic abilities are astonishing enough, but combined with her vast clinical knowledge of how the systems of the body-mind work or fail to work cooperatively, her skill to develop and provide natural remedies and methodologies to support fundamental healing and long-term wellness, one can only come to know Dr. Mackey as a very rare and invaluable human being. In addition, her commitment to caring for people is equally rare. In private practice for over thirty years and holding various certifications, Dr. Mackey continues to be a deeply trusted physician for many throughout the world.  

                                 “Your journey is uniquely yours, dynamic, and with direction”

                                                                                    … Bonnie Mackey, PhD, NP, APHN-BC

                                                                                          Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

                                                                                          Founder and Director of MackeyHealth