“In the summer of 2005, at a health initiative in New York, sponsored by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Benjamin Lewis, I met Dr. Bonnie Mackey.  I was so grateful and relieved that I met her and became a client of hers.

At long last I have a physician whom I can trust.  Her diagnostic abilities are astonishing enough, but combined with her vast clinical knowledge of how the systems of the body and mind work or fail to work cooperatively, along with her skill to develop and provide remedies and methodologies to support fundamental healing and long-term wellness, I can conclude that Dr. Mackey is rare and invaluable.  Her commitment to caring for myself and my family is equally rare, all of which motivates us to be active and conscious partners in our own dynamic healthcare.”

   Alexandra Vassilaros

Writer/Playwright and Mother of Three Children

New York, New York

“When Dr. Mackey was appointed to develop and manage a University of Miami Department of Family Medicine community health program that oversaw the care of patients in outlying communities, she excelled at helping young physicians-in-training to provide this very specialized type of care.  Dr. Mackey often joined the residents on their home visits and used her extensive clinical experience to train them.

Dr. Mackey has an instinctual awareness of how to manage unusual problems in difficult surroundings away from the usual care setting, earning the respect of her patients, colleagues, students, residents and faculty.

In addition to Dr. Mackey’s comprehensive experience in allopathic medicine as a Nurse Practitioner, her confidence of knowledge in complementary and integrative medicine has led to a thriving private practice for many years.  As a clinician with broad talent and experience, she excels in transmitting her knowledge to others.”

Mark A. Walker

MD, DAAFP Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine (voluntary)

University of Miami

Miami, Florida

“For 10 years I suffered with daily pain in my life due to a condition repeatedly misdiagnosed and mistreated.  Today, I am completely cured thanks to Dr. Bonnie Mackey, an incredible diagnostician. Although my initial office visit lasted three hours, within the first 10 minutes of my visit, Dr. Mackey figured out what was wrong with me.  This was after several “top” doctors could not do it in the 10 years I had been trying to get help.


Dr. Bonnie Mackey is a testament to her field and is a great contributor of knowledge to her patients, her peers and physicians.  I write this testimonial as a bold step to come forward and support Dr. Mackey in her passion and mission to help others.  My words are heartfelt, yet fall short of what I wish I could describe.”

               Lauren Stover

Security Director (retired), Miami International Airport

Miami, Florida

“Dr. Mackey is a gifted and dynamic public speaker/educator.  When she is on stage, Dr. Mackey engages the audience wholeheartedly, inspiring them to take action towards reaching their health and life goals.  She delivers vital information with a lively dose of humor and an uplifting message of hope.  I always leave Dr. Mackey’s seminars energized with newfound knowledge and techniques that enable me to transform personal challenges into opportunities.  I confess that I am a “groupie”, as I make it a point to attend her health and wellness seminars as often as possible!

   Athena Yannitsas

Palm Beach, Florida