Movementworks™: An Energy Therapy

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Energy Therapies utilize quantum biology and bio-physics as a basis for understanding the energy that innately fuels all life and environments.

MovementWorks ™ as a unique energy therapy, incorporates specific movement-based methods for tapping into the innate energy centers that connect body, mind and spirit.  It is a restorative therapy capable of correcting disease and alligning with health.

MovementWorks™ is offered as a free-style form of energy therapy where individuals come together to learn to access their innate energy centers through movement, for the purpose of promoting health and well-being. When energy is aligned through the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit, there is balance and health.  When energy is blocked, escapes or is depleted, health problems or illnesses may ensue.

MovementWorks™  promotes health through accessing energy centers for the purpose of integration and balance of, body, mind and spirit. It is based on the knowledge that our body has hundreds of moving energy centers which collectively translates to “power”…. power that is electromagnetic in nature and known as  “lifeforce”. MovementWorks™ awakens and restores a connection to “lifeforce.”

Lifeforce energy operates as an electromagetic power on a cellular level and orchestrates bodymind functioning…movement of oxygen (gas), water (liquid) and food (solid) as fuel, generates the lifeforce of every cell and lends support to you, as a living being.  Lifeforce as energy provides the interconnectedness of all organs, glands, tissues and cells, the whole bodymind system.  Lifeforce is used to move, think, create, feel, and sense. Modalities utilized in MovementWorks™ seminars allow us to tap into lifeforce, align with energies, correct imbalances or disease, and promote general health.

Seminars incorporate music, color, chakra balancing and other modalities with free-form movement. MovementWorks™ promotes:

         – movement of the body through various soft forms of martial arts                 and dance

         – movement of the mind through sharing knowledge and wisdom                   while unlocking the doors of mis-perception that keeps individuals               from living a vital healthy lifestyle

         – movement of the spirit through integrating energy within and                       extending it to the environment

MovementWorks™ and Community:

We come together in a group setting. Why?  Because each person is energy whose vibrational energy reaches many and effects change.  As an energy field, each person has a wave-like effect that moves outward from the core of the person.  It is like a stone as it is thrown into a pond, which ripples out in a sequence of waves, and is far-reaching…to all and everything.

In community, energy is shared through movement as each individual gains insight into their own lives and needs.  Insight moves a person beyond where they are, promotes self-alignment, supports balance of bodymindspirit and allows for life fulfillment.

What You Acquire:

            – knowledge of how energy works and cycles through body, mind                    and spirit as an introduction to the dynamic lifeforce that moves                  within, through, around and beyond you

            – ways to access, reconnect and shift the flow of energy

            – ways to unlock blocked energy and promote healing and health as                an alternative solution to changing illness and disease

             – a sense of community

” The power of movement lies within the individual as connected with a group where magnified energy is shared and appreciated.  Healing occurs and health is appreciated through shared energy.  Come join!”

                                                          … Bonnie Mackey