Individual Consultations

MackeyHealth is pleased to offer many quality services for individuals, communities and organizations...

Consultations are designed to provide a uniquely individualized experience based on your needs and goals.

Depending on your  specific needs and concerns, which may range from simple to complex, several levels of consultative services are offered  for you to choose from.

Prior to making an appointment, you are encouraged to discuss your needs and concerns with Dr. Mackey.  By doing this, you may clarify the type of service that best fits your needs. 

Speaking with Dr. Mackey prior to an appointment gives you an opportunity to ask questions you may have.  It also provides you with a chance to get to know one another prior to making an appointment.

Individual consultations are based on your needs, whether it be analyzing your health concerns and creating a plan to resolve those concerns, counseling, providing a second opinion, guiding you through life changes or other needs as discussed prior to your appointment.

Using a person-centered approach, Dr. Mackey takes time to listen to you, where you share the details of your concerns.  If your concerns are health-related, please review information under these services tab, IntegrativeHealth & Functional Medicine.  All self-reported information and data are considered before a written plan is created.

Appointment Process:

  • Identify your specific needs and concerns

  • Call Dr. Mackey prior to making an appointment to discuss your needs:  315-246-8559; there is no charge for this  pre-appointment call

  • Once you choose to move forward and make an appointment, email Dr. Mackey at, so requisite forms can be attached, completed, and returned by you to MackeyHealth via scan/email  or direct fax number   (561-892-2999)

  • If you choose a health-related appointment, obtain the last 3 sequences or years of laboratory and pathology reports, and submit to MackeyHealth along with the emailed forms

  • Once all forms and data are received, Dr. Mackey will review and create your personal profile prior to your appointment

  • Appointments will be set by email or telephone; consultations are in-office or by telephone

  • At the appointment, further details are discussed and a written plan is co-created by you and Dr. Mackey

  • You are provided with an educational packet of information which is used during the consultation and for future reference

  • Payment is by check, cash or credit card only, no insurance is accepted


  • Focused:  selected when you want a second opinion or have a focused health concern (ie:  hormone replacement, acute or immediate issue, energy medicine session, counseling, pap, etc)   1.5 hours in length


  • Comprehensive:   selected when you want a more in-depth review of your health issues, detailed explanation of what we are doing and why, comprehensive physical exam, and a leveled plan to resolve those issues (ie: chronic issues such as cancer, auto-immune disease,  gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, endocrine/hormone balance, genetic-based issue, reducing or getting off prescription medications, nutritional evaluation and plan, etc)   3.0 hours in length