Advocacy Second Opinion Services

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A Health Advocate-Educator™ is a licensed and/or certified holistic, integrative, holistic Nurse Practitioner who has the expertise, knowledge, skills, and caring heart whose mission is to partner with you, share education to support decision-making and provide guidance at any stage of your life continuum.

You and your Health Advocate-Educator™ become partners in healthcare.  Your Health Advocate-Educator™ recognizes that you are not a “patient” (sick person) but an informed consumer or client who has the right and desire to take charge of your health and life decisions.

The role of a Health Advocate-Educator™ usually depends on your need to resolve simple to complex health, or life issues.  The aim is to find solutions to these issues.  For example, you may need help navigating the health care system when you don’t know your next steps.  Or, you may be in question about a treatment consideration that requires evaluation and direction.  Perhaps you have concerns about a specific health or life issue that you have tried to resolve but could not, and need a second opinion.

Second opinion services are advocacy services, designed for individuals, physicians and other health care practitioners. Second opinions as a health care consultative service, provides individual case study review, evaluation and new approaches to unresolved health issues.  No matter what the issue, your Health Advocate-Educator™ first evaluates your needs, then educates, mentors, counsels, supports, advocates and guides you through your decision making process.

Using a  caring, common-sense approach to meeting your individual needs, you and your Health Advocate-Educator™ co-create a written plan of action designed to address your specific needs and issues. Attention to outcomes is key with revision and implementation of the plan as needed, over time.