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About Dr. Bonnie Mackey,

PhD, Nurse Practitioner, Health Advocate-Educator™, IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Founder and Director of MackeyHealth.

Dr. Mackey is a primary healthcare practitioner who maintains an active client practice in New York and Florida.

Dr. Mackey holds a PhD in holistic Nutrition, Masters of Science degree, Board Certification as a Holistic Nurse Practitioner, IFM Certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and  is a nationally recognized Master Herbalogist.

With over 35 years working directly with people combining conventional, allopathic care with lifestyle and functional medicine, Dr. Mackey works with each person using a blended approach to health. Individuals choose to work with Dr. Mackey as their primary health practitioner and/or on a consultative basis specific to health issues.

Education and Certification

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Doctorate in Nutrition (PhD), Clayton College of Natural Health

  • Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Nurse Practitioner, Florida International University

  • Board Certification as an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse (APHN-BC), American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Commission

  • Bachelor in Science(BSc), Cornell University

  • Registered Nurse          (RN), Crouse Irving School of Nursing

Motivational Speaker, Educator & Author

Dr. Mackey is noted to be an inspirational lecturer and educator for a wide array of audiences. She has performed over 1800 hours of public speaking and lecturing, primarily in the area of integrative, holistic healthcare for community agencies, universities, hospitals, spas, clubs, national organizations and corporations.

Dr. Mackey is an author, a clinical contributor and a literary consultant for various integrative health publications.   She uses her entrepreneurial spirit, scholarly expertise and practical hands-on know-how to deliver health information that anyone can use.

Clinician Practitioner of Personalized Care

Individual, personal health care is provided by Dr. Bonnie Mackey who actively works with individuals searching for a holistic, integrative approach to their health.  At an office visit, self-reported health information, scan results, laboratory/pathology reports, and other scientific data is evaluated in conjunction with a comprehensive physical examination. Telephone consultations are available for people who may not be able to come into the office setting.

Dr. Mackey enthusiastically promotes self-responsible health and presents informed healthcare choices through an educational forum designed to support healthy living. She works within an integrative health and functional medicine framework, offering useable tools for everyone who wants to create health through supportive life changes.

Health Advocate Educator™

Dr. Mackey has the expertise, education, knowledge, skills, and caring heart whose mission is to partner with you, become actively involved in your healthcare, and provide guidance at any stage of the wellness – illness – end of life  continuum.

Consultant:  Second Opinion Services

Dr. Mackey provides “second opinion services” for individuals. She also offers these services to physicians and other licensed health practitioners. Second opinions as a consultative service, provides individual case study review, evaluation and new approaches to unresolved health issues.

MackeyHealth encourages the practice of awareness and self-responsible care by encouraging you to:

  • demonstrate active involvement in your personal health and the health of your family and community

  • utilize available and accessible resources that provide education about health

  • become aware of the dangers of overuse of electronic media and electro-smog; monitor and reduce your use of electronic media and exposure to harmful electro-smog

  • be proactive by making necessary lifestyle changes to promote healthy longevity

  • tell your story and change it: be aware that there are many life events that have contributed to recurrent patterns or themes underlying health issues and that you can take measures to change old patterns

  • get rid of the “quick, fast and easy” mentality of obtaining and consuming food; fast foods are out, slow foods are in


  • explore various options beyond the usual conventional approaches to personal issues relating to all aspects encountered along the wellness – illness – end-of-life continuum

  • participate in educational workshops designed to promote personal awareness and personal growth

  • become informed about how food items are produced; where they are produced and what they contain (fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and other chemicals) will effect healthy food choices and promotes health

  • take measures to protect your local environment, join a co-op, or volunteer to support an environmental- health initiative.